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Wang Weng: Lin-wu Grotto at Chu-ch'u
Wang Meng (1308-1385) was a native of Wu-hsing, Chekiang province. His style name was Shu-ming, and his sobriquets were Hsiang-kuang chu-shih and Huang-ho shan-ch'iao. He was the grandson of Chao Meng-fu on his mother's side. He was influenced by Chao Meng-fu's painting, but later studied T'ang and Sung painting to create a novel style and developed a unique composition in landscape painting Chu-ch'u refers to Lake T'ai. The work, in which the chieh-so ("unraveled rope") texture strokes said to be originated by him are freely used, is a masterpiece that is brimming with the atmosphere of the luxuriant yet simple, and the opulent yet trim.

Wang Weng:
Lin-wu Grotto at Chu-ch'u
Yuan dynasty
hanging scroll/ink and color on paper
artwork : 68.7 x 42.5cm
hanging scroll : 200.0 x 57.5cm