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Ma Yuan: Evening Banquet at the Palace
Ma Yuan was a member of the Southern Sung Imperial Painting Academy during the reigns of Emperors Kuang-tsung and Ning-tsung. This painting depicts nature and human deeds in harmonious unity as seen in the high-ranking officials attending to the banquet held in the hall, ladies-in-waiting holding lanterns and dancing on the floor below, plum trees in bloom in the garden and distant mountains growing dim in the twilight. It is an excellent work representing the Southern Sung dynasty in which the realism of Chinese ink painting indicated further development and efforts were exerted to express the lyricism in nature.

Ma Yuan: Evening Banquet at the Palace
Sung dynasty
hanging scroll/
ink and light color on silk
artwork : 111.9 x 53.5cm
hanging scroll : 212.0 x 66.0cm