Fan K'uan : Travellers among Mountains and Streams


Kuo Hsi : Early Spring


Ts'ui Po : Magpies and Hare


Mi Fei (Mi Fu) : Mountains and Pines in Spring


Liu Sung-nien : Lohan (Arhat)


Ma Yuan : Egrets on a Snowy Bank


Emperor Hui-tsung: Wild Birds on Wild Prunus


Wen T'ung : Ink Bamboo


Li Ti : Homeward Oxherds in Wind and Rain


Selected Sung Dynasty Landscape Paintings


Selected Sung Dynasty Paintings of Flora and Fauna


Selected Sung Dynasty Paintings of Flowers, Grasses and Insects


Wu Yuan-chih : The Red Cliff


Li T'ang : Whispering Pines in the Gorges


Ma Yuan : Evening Banquet at the Palace


Hsia Kuei : Pure and Remote Views of Mountains and Streams


Anonymous : Mother Hen and Chicks


Huang Chu-ts'ai : Mountain Magpie, Sparrows and Bramble


Su Han-ch'en : Children Playing in the Autumn Garden


Li T'ang : Intimate Scene of Rivers and Mountains


Li Ch'eng : A Solitary Temple amid Clearing Peaks


Hsu Tao-ning : Evening Songs of the Fishermen


Emperor Hui-tsung : Auspicious Cranes


Emperor Hui-tsung : Auspicious Cranes


Emperor Hui-tsung : Inscription of Auspicious Cranes


Li Ch'eng : Luxuriant Forest among Distant Peaks



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