Liu Sung-nien : Lohan (Arhat)
Liu Sung-nien (second half of the twelfth century to the first half of the thirteenth century) was a native of Ch'ien-t'ang (Hangchow). He studied under Chang Tun-li, was gifted in painting human figures and landscapes, which are known for their exquisiteness. Many Buddhist paintings, this work being a representative example, were produced in the Sung dynasty as furnishings in Ch'an temples reflecting the popularity of this Buddhist sect in the period. The minute and substantial brushstrokes seen throughout the painting render the quintessence of the painter's dexterity.

Liu Sung-nien : Lohan (Arhat)
Sung dynasty
hanging scroll / ink and color on silk
size of work : 117.2 x 56.0 cm
overall size : 212.0 x 67.8 cm
in wooden box / with booklet
120,000 Yen
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